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Your app,
their account,
less hassle

An all-in-one solution to build data sharing apps for Solid* accounts.
* Solid is an open standard for user and company accounts. These accounts can be used for consent-based data sharing.

Build 10x faster

  • Authenticate users with our Solid compatible identity provider.
  • Ask users to grant others access to their account using our authorization agent.
  • Go fast with our back-end as-a-service. Also works with accounts (as long as they are Solid-compatible).

Worry about your app. Not your liability

  • Shift your responsibility to store personal data to us and focus on what matters.
  • We make sure that your users know who has access to their data.

Frictionless partner onboarding

  • Onboarding companies into your ecosystem has never been easier.
  • We are data controller, so you don't need to manage data processing agreements.
  • Partner companies need to integrate with only one API: the standardised Solid API.

Better UX = More users

  • Create accounts for your users from within your app.
  • Use our passwordless onboarding or bring your own identity provider.
  • Users can reuse their existing Solid-compatible account. accounts or not. You decide. accounts

Let us take care of personal data liability and rely on accounts.

other Solid accounts

Whatever accounts you want your users to use, the Solid standard ensures compatibility.

Solid account hosting

Solid pods with your domain? Let us take care of current and future Solid compatibility.
Case Studies

Companies put their customers at the center using Solid and

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