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Break down barriers to reuse professional data

Re-using professional data creates new opportunities.
Involve all stakeholders
at once
Offer an employee-
centric experience
Comply with the
European Data Act
Increase trust
in data
use case

Data reuse at Randstad

Randstad allows applicants to re-use diploma’s when applying for a job
  • The government provides verified diplomas.
  • An applicant can share his diploma with an employer.
  • The employer verifies the diploma.
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Randstad diploma case
Employee experience improves when professional data can flow keeps the end user in control and facilitiates re-use of data thanks to the Solid technology.

This will easily convince potential stakeholders to partner up.

Applicants re-use data to share with employers and HR service providers
Employers reduce friction of applying for a job, avoid fraud and be compliant to social regulation.
Stakeholders get seamless access to granular data.
Platforms and applications reduce cost for society by allowing citizen to re-use  verified data. Interoperability with Solid reduces the effort to become operable with many stakeholders.

“Thanks to for Business, we now can easily let users share their data whilst giving them ownership.”

Arnaud Deveugle,

Read the case study enables data re-use within HR is a solution that allows platforms and apps to interconnect and thus re-use data to benefit end users and enterprises. relies on the Solid open standards to be interoperable and future proof.

Infrastructure and Personal Data Stores

WebID & Authorisation


Developer-friendly relies on robust, open technologies

Open technologies ensure that your solution is future proof and not tied to a specific vendor.

Solid, Data Vaults, WebID's & pods

A W3C specification that defines how people and organisations store data in Pods and are identified by using their WebID. It can be used to create (Personal) Data Spaces & Data Vaults.

Data spaces

An interoperable infrastructure for data that enables secure and cross-border access to data for a specific theme or sector. A data space can be implemented by using Solid & other open standards.

Identity providers & OIDC

A way for a person or organization to identify itself. It can be used to set up Single Sign-on and to gain access to your data, stored in Data Spaces or Data Vaults.

Verifiable Credentials

A W3C specification that defines how a piece of data can be digitally signed so that its authenticity can be verified by the recipient.

Linked data

A way to structure data so it retains its semantic meaning, making it easier for different parties to interpret a piece of data.

Skills, Compensation, Salary, ...

Semantic standards give meaning to data. This is important when exchanging data between organisations (& employees). By using these standards, interoperability between platforms & apps improves.

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