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Data Sharing Infrastructure enables you to tap into more customer data with less hassle, driving growth and innovation while keeping users at the center of the experience.
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Unified platform

A fully integrated suite of products for Solid

We bring together everything that’s required to build ecosystems or apps for Solid. Our products enable consent-based data sharing for startups, government, health, energy and HR.

We also help companies to access personal data, manage verifiable credentials and set up their own white label Solid pod infrastructure.

Quality you can afford

You don't need to break the bank for a reliable and secure solution.
We expect to be ISO 27001 compliant by the end of Summer '23.
Uptime over the last year
* Including scheduled maintenance!
€ 799,00
Average monthly subscription cost
Our partner network

Professional services

  • Education
    Workshops to get you and your team familiar with Solid and
  • Expert advisory
    We coach your consultancy team or digital agency when embarking on a Solid project.
  • Co-creation
    Improve software together.

“The team was there to help at every step – they became an important partner throughout the project.”

Laurent Janssens, Lemon Companies

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