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“People are the ones who choose to share data”

Learn how this company leveraged Solid to close strategic partnerships and attract more users.

Linckr is a platform to help people who just bought a house to share the right information at
the right time with the right party.

Goal: kickstart a double-sided platform

Consumers on the one hand and companies on the other… It’s not easy to start a double sided platform. Without users, there is no motivation for companies to use the platform and vice versa.

Strategy: close unique partnerships and attract users by ensuring data ownership

The Linckr-team realised that they needed to win over not only consumers, but also need to convince important players in the real-estate world without compromising their neutrality. They soon discovered that putting the user in control of his or her data changed every conversation. Important partners such as real estate agents and insurance providers were easily convinced and consumer trust has never been as high.

Results: above average user growth

Thanks to Digita and, Linckr is able to store data at the user and give him or her ownership over his or her single version of the truth. Strategic partners trust Linckr and do not hesitate to refer their customers to the platform, resulting in an above average user growth.

Let people share data with you