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"Data isn't the new oil. Trust is"

See how Karamel used Solid to stand out.

karamel is a career platform built for the new economy. Through karamel, companies can apply directly to people, instead of the other way around.

Goal: set karamel apart from traditional recruiters

Data is not the new oil, but trust is. There are hundreds of traditional recruiters trying to persuade people to switch jobs these days. This leads to a situation where the recruitment sector loses trust. karamel wants to end this status quo by putting the applicant back in control.

Strategy: the first HR platform without data

Uber was the first taxi company without owning any vehicles, and Airbnb was the first hospitality company without owning any rooms. These platforms have learned us that winning over customers isn't easy and requires new thinking. This prompted Karamel to make a change. Instead of building one huge database, karamel chose to store its data in the place where it belongs: with the applicant. And that’s how Karamel became the first HR platform that does not own any data.

Results: consumer trust in karamel has skyrocketed

With Digita and, karamel can store data with the applicant and let them be the owner of their version of the truth. The applicant can even stop sharing this information with karamel if they so desire. karamel also uses to connect with their users' WebIDs. According to early user research, karamel is trusted by its users more than traditional recruiters.

“Thanks to Digita and, we now can easily let users share their data whilst giving them ownership.”
- Arnaud Deveugle, CEO

Let people share data with you