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The story behind

Established in 2018, the company behind - Digita - has its roots deeply embedded in a mission to revolutionize the way data is shared between organizations and their customers. This journey of transformation led us to the Solid specification, a pioneering technology that stood out as a beacon for our mission.

For the first few years, our work focused on rigorous research and development, as well as consulting on Solid and data sharing. We served a diverse portfolio of European organizations across various industries, contributing to the evolution of digital data practices and reinforcing our expertise in the field.

As we delved into the intricacies of data sharing, we recognized Solid's potential to enhance interoperability among Data Vault initiatives. We saw Solid as a powerful means for organizations to engage with the emerging data spaces, opening new avenues for collaboration and data exchange.

The summer of 2021 marked a pivotal point in our journey. Solid had matured significantly, and market traction was on the rise. We identified a pressing need for a robust SaaS platform that could simplify the implementation of Solid for organizations. Inspired by this need, we embarked on the development of

Since its inception, has grown rapidly, proving its value in the market. We have successfully onboarded 10+ organizations, ranging from startups to large corporates and government agencies. These organizations represent thousands of users who are now reaping the benefits of improved data sharing.

Yet, our journey doesn't end here. We remain dedicated to our mission and are committed to fostering the adoption of Solid and improved data sharing with, not only in Europe but also globally. As we look to the future, we're excited to continue our work, ushering in a new era of secure, efficient, and transparent data sharing.


Digita's managing directors have a strong background in software and data exchange standards.

Wouter Janssens

Founder & CEO - Managing Director

Lauro Vanderborght, MBA

Founder & CFO - Managing Director

Tom Haegemans, PhD

Founder & CTO - Managing Director

Advisory board

Digita’s management is advised by a team of invested domain experts.
Regis Verschueren
Data management expert
Pieter De Leenheer, PhD
Unicorn entrepreneur
Dirk De Bot, PhD
Privacy and data protection expert
Ruben Verborgh, PhD
Co-inventor Solid
Ingrid Gonnissen
Business expert

Company info

Digita BV
  • VAT: BE0705969661
  • RPR: Brussels
  • Mail:
  • Tel: +32 2 896 55 96


TOPOS Office Center
Breydelstraat 34-40
1040 Brussels

Leuven office

IM Associates Office Center
Persilstraat 52E
3020 Herent