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Our product lets you create or connect to personal data spaces enables business to effortlessly and securely establish their own Solid-based data vaults and is a reliable partner in data collaboration helping business connect to existing data vaults. allows you to

Set-up data infrastructure
Keep data in sync
Be interoperable
Trust received data
Solid Connector

Connecting to Athumi and other data sources with our Solid connector

Randstad diploma case as Solid Connector

  • A WebID for your organisation
    Your organisation needs a WebID to participate in the Solid ecosystem. creates and hosts your WebID.
  • Connector to Athumi and other ecosystems
    Our connector makes state-of-the-art easy to use. Allow your application to integrate via a single API.
  • Track your received data
    Not sure how to manage Verified Credentials? We've got you covered. dashboard
Solid Infrastructure

Solid infrastructure
as a service as Solid Infrastructure

  • A Pod and WebID for your users
    Your users need a WebID as identifier and a Pod to store their data. Create your WebID and Pod via a single API.
  • Connect your WebIDs to other Pods
    Let your users connect to Pods from other ecosystems such as Karamel, The Flemish Government, VITO and many more.
  • Consent and metadata management
    Store, track and manage consent and other metadata. This can be privacy metadata, metadata about internal usage and metadata about internal duplicates.
  • Whitelabel for your specific brand
    As an infrastructure provider, we prioritise your needs. You can make use of our out-of-the box platform as SaaS or PaaS.
The Karamel application

“Thanks to, we now can easily let users share their data whilst giving them ownership.”

Arnaud Deveugle,

Read the case study relies on robust, open technologies

Open technologies ensure that your solution is future proof and not tied to a specific vendor.

Quality you can afford

You don't need to break the bank for a reliable and secure solution.
We expect to be ISO 27001 compliant by the end of Summer '23.
Uptime over the last year
* Including scheduled maintenance!
€ 799,00
Average monthly subscription cost

Solid, Data Vaults, WebID's & pods

A W3C specification that defines how people and organisations store data in Pods and are identified by using their WebID. It can be used to create (Personal) Data Spaces & Data Vaults.

Data spaces

An interoperable infrastructure for data that enables secure and cross-border access to data for a specific theme or sector. A data space can be implemented by using Solid & other open standards.

Identity providers & OIDC

A way for a person or organization to identify itself. It can be used to set up Single Sign-on and to gain access to your data, stored in Data Spaces or Data Vaults.

Verifiable Credentials

A W3C specification that defines how a piece of data can be digitally signed so that its authenticity can be verified by the recipient.

Linked data

A way to structure data so it retains its semantic meaning, making it easier for different parties to interpret a piece of data.