Frequently asked questions.

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What is and why do I have one?

You have a account because you created one via the website or via one of our partners. If you have gotten your account via one of our partners, it is because this partner wants that you remain owner of your personal data so that you can have full control.

You can consider your account as a marriage between your Dropbox and email address. Your is a WebID, which means you can use it to exchange data just as you would use your email address to exchange messages. It is also a place to store your own personal data just as you would do in, for example, Dropbox or Google Drive. However, in your account, you can also store structured data and not only files.

Will remain free to use?

There will always be a free version of for people.

How can I contact the team?

If you have a suggestion or if you want to contribute, feel free to contact

What is's relationship to Solid?

The service aims to follow the latest version of Tim Berners-Lee's Solid specification. In terms of this specification, it is a WebID minting service with default storage, identity, authorisation and browser components.

Is open source?

A large part of the software on which is built, is open-source. The following open-source products are used in the service: Community Solid Server, Digita ID Proxy, Digita Browser, Digita SemCom, Digita Gateway and JD Authorisation Agent.