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All that you need to simplify Solid and WebIDs

Learn more about's features and how it implements the WebID standard
What is allows everyone to easily get started with Solid and WebIDs

WebID Infrastructure Provider

Development Platform and App Listing

Data Management, Tracking and Sync Platform

Monetisation Platform Provisioning API

The easiest way to make sure your stakeholders have a WebID.

For people

  • Create accounts for your users from within your app.
  • Set the right access controls from the start.
  • Rely on's standard identity provider and storage, or add your own.

For organisations

  • Create WebIDs for organisations from within your app.
  • Custom domain (e.g.
  • Let organisations login with client credentials.

Company and App WebIDs

Register and manage WebIDs for your organisation and apps. This way you are able to request access to data.

Register and manage your WebIDs

  • Your own WebIDs and client identifiers with a custom domain (e.g.
  • Management interface to manage WebID documents.
  • Client credentials accounts for your organisation or apps.

Solid and WebID Connector

Manage and track data that was shared with your organisation's WebID.

Connect with ecosystems

  • Some Solid ecosystems require additional information.
  • Easily connect with such ecosystems by installing their Solid connector.

Browse, edit and delete data that is shared with you.

  • Dashboard to access data that was shared with your organisation.
  • Get an overview of where this data originates from.
Coming Soon

Connect to other systems

  • Easily connect to traditional databases.
  • Synchronise data with other systems
Coming Soon

Define workflows

  • Transform data
  • Match different semantic standards
  • Prepare data for sync with other systems

Querying Engine

Easily query distributed data stored in Solid pods to which you have access.
Coming Soon

Duplicate data

  • To ensure compliance with regulations such as KYC
  • To improve query performance
Coming Soon

Query data

  • Use SPARQL queries to access, update and delete data
  • Save queries for later use

Consent and metadata management

Store, track and manage consent and other metadata.
Coming Soon

Store and track metadata

  • Privacy metadata such as legal bases for processing (e.g. consent)
  • Metadata about internal usage
  • Metadata about internal duplicates

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