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The best way to build a consent-driven ecosystem.

Leverage's W3C WebID infrastructure to easily build your ecosystem, onboard participants and let them exchange data.

From start-up to enterprise

Our customers build platforms that let people or organisations exchange data using open W3C standards.
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Facilitate data exchange

Reduce your platform's time to market

Set your platform apart

Reduce your liability

Starting an online platform used to be difficult

A lack of open standards for exchanging data caused a lot of issues when a new ecosystem is started ...


had issues when initiating
Difficult to onboard organisations: need to build a lot of connectors, and achieve critical mass to justify IT investment.
Difficult to onboard people: convince them to create an account, manually enter of data, ...
Need to invest in boiler plate components such as a user management portal.


had issues when participating
Need to integrate and invest in IT again and again for each new ecosystem
Worried wether people are informed about what their data is used for


had issues when participating
Need to remember lots of logins
Need to enter data again and again
Looses overview of what data has been shared with whom
WebID: a W3C standard

WebIDs allow everyone to easily login and exchange data

The WebID standards make it easier to build an online platform to start a data ecosystem. A WebID is like an email address for data vaults and login methods.
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Everything to supercharge your data ecosystem

Platforms, people and organisations rely on to easily exchange data using WebIDs
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“Thanks to for Business, we now can easily let users share their data whilst giving them ownership.”

Arnaud Deveugle,

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Don't worry

We took several measures so you are able to sleep at night...
Avoid a vendor lock-in

Configure your WebID with your custom domain so you can move away from whenever you want. You can even use’s open-source components to create an infrastructure of your own.

Privacy by design

Don’t worry about the GDPR or any other data protection legislation. Our metadata solution allows you to keep track of what data you may use for what purpose.

Flexibility and openness

Any WebID can share data with any other WebID. Even if it’s not a WebID.

Security and reliability

The infrastructure follows the highest security and data protection standards.