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Wallets and data vaults have long been perceived as mutually exclusive and even competing tools. However, it's about time we set things straight: wallets on your phone and data vaults in the cloud can absolutely complement each other.

On November 14th at 1 PM, we’ll take you on a 60-minute journey into the world of SSI wallets and Solid data vaults. Joining us is Florian Barthélemy, Manager in Technology at PWC, Peter Eikelboom, Business Developer at SIDN for the Yivi Digital Wallet and Lauro Vanderborght, co-founder of Digita.

What’s in it for you:

→ Discover what SSI wallets and Solid data vaults are

→ Learn about the differences and advantages of SSI wallets and Solid data vaults

→ See how they can complement each other

→ Explore a use case about the energy sector


  • Setting the stage: European Data Strategy and Data Spaces Acts
  • What is a SSI Wallet on your phone?
  • What is a Solid Data Vault in the cloud?
  • Cooperation Wallet and Vault
  • Energy Use Case
  • Q&A