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The vast majority of companies will be affected by new ESG regulations, such as CSRD, Supply Chain Act, and others. At the same time, companies are keen to be at the forefront like the Circular Economy and Supply Chain Visibility to gain a competitive edge. However, the challenge lies in the necessary ESG data exchange within the value chain, which is hindered by a lack of interoperability between solution providers and concerns about data protection.

Decentralized technologies like Solid Pods have proven a significant breakthrough in this topic by enabling granular, real-data based calculations through primary data exchange, interoperability between solution providers, and easy integration into existing IT infrastructure.

On October 19th at 4 PM, we’ll take you on a 60-minute journey into the world of data sharing. Joining us is are Florian Roßmeier & Noah Linnenbrügger from Motius and Regis Verschueren, Business Development Manager at

What’s in it for you:

→ Discover potential issues of sharing data with suppliers and stakeholders

→ Learn how a decentralised, open-source standard can help you

→ Experience a real live demo of decentralised ESG data sharing

→ Uncover how we can learn from other B2B data exchange projects on Solid