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Does your organisation exchange personal data? Do you want to learn how you can access accurate data in an efficient and secure way, respecting the individual’s privacy? Join our interactive webinar and discover the benefits of the data sharing protocol Solid.

On June 13th, at 4 PM (CET), we’ll take you on a 60-minute journey into the world of Solid and data vaults. Joining us are Frederik Van Outryve, Lead Sales & Partners at Athumi and Vivian Roks, Strategic Innovation Lead at Randstad Group.

What’s in it for you:

→ Learn more about what Athumi, the Flemish data utility company, can do for you

→ Discover how HR service provider Randstad uses Solid to exchange diploma information

→ Get introduced to Digita and, and how they can support with accessing shared data

Being a part of tomorrow’s data economy starts with our webinar (Dutch). Register for free:

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