WebIDs and use.id

Learn more about use.id's features and how it implements the WebID standard
What is use.id?

use.id allows everyone to easily get started with Solid and WebIDs

WebID Infrastructure Provider

Development Platform and App Listing

Data Management, Tracking and Sync Platform

Monetisation Platform

WebID Infrastructure Provider

use.id is a WebID provider for people, organisations and applications.
Closed Beta

For people

  • WebIDs in the form of use.id/name.
  • Default use.id store, identity provider and authorisation agent.
  • Ability to add other stores, identity providers and authorisation agents.
Closed Beta

For organisations and apps

  • WebIDs using a custom domain (e.g. webid.company.com).
  • Management interface for WebID profile document.
  • Ability to manage employee access.

Data Management, Tracking and Sync Platform

Manage, track and cache data that was shared with your organisation's WebID.
Closed Beta

Browse, edit and delete data that is shared with you.

  • Dashboard to access data that was shared with your organisation.
  • Get an overview of where this data originates from.
Coming Soon

Cache and duplicate data

  • To ensure compliance with regulations such as KYC
  • To improve query performance
Coming Soon

Store and track metadata

  • Privacy metadata such as legal bases for processing (e.g. consent)
  • Metadata about internal usage
  • Metadata about internal duplicates
Coming Soon

Connect to other systems

  • Easily connect to traditional databases.
  • Synchronise data with other systems
Coming Soon

Query cached data

  • Use SPARQL queries to access, update and delete data
  • Save queries for later use
Coming Soon

Define workflows

  • Transform data
  • Match different semantic standards
  • Prepare data for sync with other systems
Coming Soon

Connect with ecosystems

  • Some Solid ecosystems require additional information (e.g. monetisation end-point, invoicing details, ...)
  • Easily connect with such ecosystems by installing their business app.

Development platform and app listing

Easily build apps that allow people to login with their WebID and access their data.
Closed Beta

Dynamically load WebComponents for different and unknown kinds of data.

  • Repository with mapping between Linked Data Shapes and WebComponents
  • SDK to easily query WebComponents for a given Linked Data Shape
  • A quick way to build your front-end
Closed Beta

Provisioning API

  • Create use.id accounts for your users from within your app
  • Set the right access controls from the start
  • Rely on use.id's standard identity provider, storage and authorisation agent, or add your own.

Monetisation platform

Easily build apps that allow people to login with their WebID and access their data.
Coming Soon

Monetise authenticity of data

  • Capture the value you have created.
  • Make money if a third party wants to validate the data you have shared with your users.
  • Dashboard and invoicing APIs