The best way to build apps that let users own their data

By giving your users ownership over their data, you can build your app faster and with less concerns.
API to create WebIDs
Library of UI Components
User management portal
Customer centricity

Unburden your users

On the next generation web, your users won't have to enter their passwords and personal information over and over again.

Reduce your time to market

Bye bye backend

Treat pods and login methods as your backend so you can focus on your fontend.

Fast frontend fabrication

Speed up your frontend development by relying on pre-made webcomponents.

Signup organisations swiftly

Easily onboard business customers by giving them access to the Workspace admin portal.

Ready, set, revenue

Capture the value you've created. Earn money when people use the data you've shared with them somewhere else.
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Don't worry

We took several measures so you will be able to sleep at night...
Avoid a vendor lock-in

Configure your WebID with your custom domain so you can move away from whenever you want. You can even use’s open-source components to create an infrastructure of your own.

Privacy by design

Don’t worry about the GDPR or any other data protection legislation. Our metadata solution allows you to keep track of what data you may use for what purpose.

Flexibility and openness

Any WebID can share data with any other WebID. Even if it’s not a WebID.

Security and reliability

The infrastructure follows the highest security and data protection standards.

Let people share data with you

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